Become a Telecommunicator CPR Champion


You know that Telecommunicator CPR saves lives. But how do you ensure your community is providing the best T-CPR possible? And how do you convince your colleagues to focus on the training and quality improvement necessary to deliver effective T-CPR each and every time it’s needed?

This guide to implementing T-CPR training and quality improvement will help you take your T-CPR program to the next level. Read it now so you’ll be armed with the information you need to answer questions such as:

  • Why do I need to change anything if my PSAP already has a cardiac arrest protocol?
  • Doesn’t my current quality improvement program ensure T-CPR performance?
  • If my 911 telecommunicators received training when they were hired, why do we need additional T-CPR training?
  • Why is obtaining and maintaining a T-CPR credential important for our 911 telecommunicators?
  • How will T-CPR training and credentialing impact our budget?

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