COVID-19 Ventilator Reskilling Course Now Available


With the high demand for ventilator management in the acute care setting due to COVID-19, healthcare professionals are frequently being called to manage complex patients requiring ventilatory support. In some cases, these healthcare professionals may be unfamiliar with ventilation and may need a refresher course on their skills.

To assist with this potential knowledge gap, the American Heart Association and RQI Partners are offering a self-directed eLearning course to assist healthcare professionals improve knowledge and competence in mechanical ventilation skills.

This adaptive learning course allows participants to identify their skill level at the beginning of the course. As learners progress through the course, they are continuously measured on their level of knowledge based on knowledge checks and customized course content is delivered in areas where information is needed most.

The COVID-19 Ventilation Reskilling eLearning Course includes:

  • Respiratory Physiology
  • Basic Ventilator Functions
  • Ventilator Use and Goals of Care in Respiratory Failure

The list price for this course is $50.00 per learner, and upon successful completion, students receive a certificate of completion. You can purchase the course directly from the American Heart Association’s ShopCPR page.

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