Digital Resuscitation Portfolio

The American Heart Association digital resuscitation portfolio is the preferred solution to uniquely and efficiently deliver safe and effective CPR quality improvement. Our digital programs – deeply rooted in the latest science – lead healthcare organizations on an immediate journey to high-quality and verified CPR competence to maximize lifesaving outcomes.


The time for digital transformation is now

Quality & Cost Improvement

  • Operational efficiencies save time for learners and administrators
  • Reduces costs for your organization

Leading Science & Platform

  • Mastery learning, complete with deliberate practice and manikin feedback
  • Verifies skills to perform and master the 5 key elements of high-quality CPR

Safe & Distanced Learning

  • AHA digital solutions eliminate the need for classroom resuscitation learning
  • Safe, distanced education, individualized to each learner

Lifesaving Patient Outcomes

  • RQI Community members continue to experience improved cardiac arrest outcomes as their patients reliably receive high-quality CPR

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

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