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The Transition from Classroom to Digital CPR Education

We Can Help

The We Can Help program, established on April 1, 2020, has made it possible for 559 individual hospitals and 60,240 learners to continue to provide high-quality resuscitation care despite the global pandemic and its disruptive impact on hospitals and healthcare providers.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to ease the burden carried by our healthcare heroes during the COVID-19 crisis with our digital resuscitation quality improvement programs and We Can Help, and most importantly, to help support their life-saving efforts. The We Can Help program will officially close on April 1, 2021.

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Why Digital Today

American Heart Association Digital Portfolio Statement

In a changing world that is still evolving, traditional healthcare education models are no longer possible. The RQI® digital portfolio of American Heart Association programs provides safe, distanced, and self-directed resuscitation education, ensuring continuity of education and quality improvement for high-quality CPR. We can help you on your journey to verified CPR competence, maximizing lifesaving outcomes.

  • I prefer this method of instruction because it makes me feel more prepared to respond to a code and [perform] the skills correctly. One on one skills like this allows for more accurate real-time feedback rather than a classroom of students on different manikins.
  • I absolutely loved doing this course online instead of in the classroom. I feel that it was very efficient and educational. With this being at your own pace and that you could come and go when needed made this easy to do while I was working.

Education Resilience

Our digital resuscitation education is delivered through individually accessed stations within the care setting, with self-directed, real-time feedback.

Maximizing Resources

Solutions from our RQI portfolio of American Heart Association programs provides education that not only drives optimal clinical care, but also delivers quality improvement, cost savings, and operational efficiencies.

Digital Portfolio

The digital portfolio includes a low-dose, high-frequency approach to mastery learning and practice that provides repetition for the consolidation of knowledge and skill into long-term memory vs a one-time massed training that we all know through research can lead to the decay of knowledge and skill.

  • We’ve integrated True AdaptiveTM learning algorithm to identify each learner’s proficiency and tailor education to their level of expertise.
  • All programs feature Contextual learning that orients a learner to their specific scope of practice, preparing them for a real-world application of education.
  • All activities include Feedback and Debriefing that is real-time, objective, and targeted to a specific learner, allowing them to alter and improve upon skills and sustain optimal performance both during and post the learning event.
  • All courses feature the design of continuous Assessment to consistently validate a learner’s ability to demonstrate the mastery of learning, making sure they are ready and will significantly contribute to clinical outcomes.

All of these enhancements are bringing education efficiency to life within our resuscitation education programs.

Let’s Get Started

Start your digital resuscitation education journey with us to maximize lifesaving outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest. Contact us to learn more.

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