Ensure that your agency is competent to deliver High-Quality CPR every day, in every cardiac arrest call.

RQI Prehospital Programs offers two, quality improvement programs for EMS Providers to verify competence and increase survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

“Everyone in VF Survives” – Resuscitation Academy

A High Performance CPR program designed for those who respond to medical emergencies as a team. EMS Team builds on the foundation of individual skills in order to maximize effectiveness of a team response. This program can improve outcomes in cardiac arrest calls by employing low-dose, high frequency learning.

Based on the legacy and success of the Resuscitation Academy High Performance CPR program, RQI EMS Team includes:

  • Cognitive Learning Modules
  • Structured, quarterly practice with immediate, programmatic feedback
  • On-going measurement through analytics

A high-reliability platform for individual, simulation-based mastery learning, implemented through low-dose, high-frequency quality improvement sessions that measure and verify competence.

RQI shifts from a traditional 2-year compliance mindset to one of mastery learning with verified skills competence, establishing the new standard of care – verified CPR competence.

“I’ve visibly noticed our ventilation rates decrease and move into very safe zones over time — and this has occurred without prompting or specific focus. RQI has lowered our ventilation rates, and our muscle memory has shifted.”

— David Slattery, MD, EMS Medical Director,
City of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

RQI eCredential is an American Heart Association-backed verification of a learner’s demonstrated competence in High-Quality CPR skills and knowledge.