Expressing Gratitude This American Heart Month


In honor of American Heart Month, we’d like to express our gratitude to hospitals who trust American Heart Association programs to achieve the lifesaving mission we share.

“AHA is the standard everyone recognizes when it comes to evidence-based practice and research, and that’s something we wanted to be a part of.” —AHA Training Center

First in resuscitation science, the AHA translates that science into Guidelines that healthcare accrediting and governing bodies rely on to set the standards for resuscitation quality in the United States, then brings the Guidelines to life in our resuscitation programs.

OhioHealth chose HeartCode for several reasons. First and foremost, “the research supports it.” —Deb Torman, OhioHealth

With the development of the 2018 Education Statement, the AHA introduced another first: leading cardiac specialists to apply education best practices to resuscitation programs, like RQI® and HeartCode®, that apply required elements of mastery learning to improve clinical performance in resuscitation events.

“The RQI program met Intermountain Healthcare’s commitment for innovation and improving patient outcomes.” —Stephanie Proffitt, Intermountain Healthcare

We’re thankful to hospitals nationwide that choose American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical innovation to recognize the new standard of care.

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