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Program Manager, CASA (Cardiac Arrest System Assessment) Dallas or NY

Position Overview
• Impact – Accountable for the success of their assigned programs, measured in terms of funnel opportunities, customer adoption and impact .
• Program Ownership – This accountability includes user specifications, program validation, product improvements, implementation and customer use.
• Business operations – Accountable for the recruiting, competence and operations for a team of resuscitation SME consultants.
• Business Results – Responsible for the development and achievement of the business objectives and results (sales and adoption) for the assigned Programs/Products.
• Program Lifecycle – Successful management of Programs through implementation to out-phasing.
• Program and Product Development User Specifications – The Program and product component user specifications for translation to technical requirements
• Product Development Liaison – Day to day interface with the development teams building components for the products after the exploration phase.
• Lead Generation – Contribute to the attraction and nurturing of qualified leads.
• Customer Adoption – Ensuring that the business case for the Program in terms of customer adoption is met
• Program Implementation & Execution – Ensuring the effective implementation and understanding of the Program by all members of the RQIP organization.
• Product Management & Upstream Marketing– Fulfillment of the product management functions of the pragmatic marketing framework
• Business Results – Profit and loss accountability for the Program/Product lines assigned

Required Skills and Competencies:
• Bachelor’s Degree required in a relevant subject – eg business or marketing, and preferably a Master’s degree.
• Minimum 10 years’ experience in a combination of sales, product management and marketing (must have a combination or at least two).
• Proven leadership and line management, should these skills be required in sales, product/program and/or marketing management – with proven success
• 10 years healthcare field and or hospital marketing experience is required