Prehospital Healthcare Provider

Saving lives takes more than just checking off a training to-do.

Prehospital Healthcare Provider program’s blended learning approach focuses on High-Quality CPR to improve patient outcomes. The program shifts from a traditional two-year resuscitation training mindset to one of mastery learning with verified skills competence.

Participants receive a verified BLS, ALS, and PALS eCredential and applicable CME/CE.


“I’ve visibly noticed our ventilation rates decrease and move into very safe zones over time — and this has occurred without prompting or specific focus. RQI has lowered our ventilation rates, and our muscle memory has shifted.”

David Slattery, MD,
EMS Medical Director, City of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

Fosters a higher
level of care

Prehospital Healthcare Provider program uses cognitive learning modules, structured practice with immediate feedback and ongoing measurement to keep EMS professionals in compliance with training mandates and help prevent skills decay.

Facilitates ongoing practice opportunities

Simulation stations at conveniently accessed locations allow for spaced learning and completion of skills training modules when convenient for learners.

Helps control labor and training costs

Prehospital Healthcare Provider skills training is integrated into the typical work shift, which means no additional OT expense is incurred.