Resolving COVID-19 skills preparation needs: an example of leadership


John Mouw, of Baptist Health South Florida, oversees an organization of 12 hospitals and 50+ Ambulatory, UCC, Free Standing ER, and other healthcare facilities in South Florida. He shared how has lead his team to transition to a new resuscitation training environment using HeartCode .

“These are fluid times that require transitional leadership in all things and this pandemic has emphasized that fact in no uncertain terms for healthcare.”

“The interesting thing about the redirection of resources is that it demanded the need for an impromptu resuscitation certification/retraining solution. Not to mention the training/certification needs for onboarding newly hired staff looking for BLS, ACLS, PALS, or NRP classes so they would be eligible for hire. At this point I am sure some are saying, ‘just get the nurses in there, we will worry about certifications later.’ To me, this is trading off one form of emergently needed skills for another where missing either puts a patient at risk.”

Mouw quickly initiated a few innovative actions to address his organization’s needs to safely stay current and competent during the pandemic. At Baptist, he is using a combination of self-directed learning, virtual assessments and a very limited scope of in-person sessions only when needed for those who have never been trained in BLS.

The majority will be assigned HeartCode Complete for online cognitive learning and autonomous BLS skills practice and assessment on the skills station. The ACLS/PALS mega codes will be one-on-one with an instructor in an isolated room separated by a one-way mirror to limit exposure. This training occurs at the Baptist Health South Florida Clinical Learning Center (CLC) Simulation Suite.

As our way of life is changing due to ongoing developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, these self-directed digital learning programs give providers and administrators the ability to stay safe, competent and prepared.

Along with our parent organizations – the American Heart Association, Laerdal Medical – we are committed to delivering COVID-19 resources to ensure providers keep their focus where it needs to be in this moment: helping people and protecting their own health and energy, while ensuring they remain competent for helping save lives through effective resuscitation skills. Please visit our COVID-19 resources destination.

To spread our gratitude and show our support to healthcare providers, we’ve created posters you may download, print and display at your organization. You can access these posters on the COVID-19 resources page. We’re committed to helping your teams stay safe, competent and prepared.

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