Training Centers

Training Centers

American Heart Association Digital Resuscitation Programs for Training Centers

Learners using these programs at training centers can complete their cognitive learning anywhere, anytime. That accessibility, coupled with the programs’ True Adaptive learning experience, empowers learners with greater convenience than ever before. AHA Digital Programs standardize their approach to CPR training and education, which results in consistent education across a training center’s customer base. These programs’ Global ID system will ensure a learner’s training stays with them as they move between training centers, eliminating the need for a learner to start from scratch if they move to a different center.

In addition to benefitting learners, AHA Digital Programs are also boons for administrators. AHA Digital Programs track course completions and issue course completion cards or credentials, easing the burden on program administrators.

AHA Digital Programs also allow an organization to save on training costs, which can be calculated using our ROI Calculator . These online learning platforms will additionally enable flexibility in terms of payment.

Looking past payment, these programs offer greater flexibility for participating organizations in numerous ways, including scalability and growth opportunities. Organizations can train a greater number of learners without adding new instructors, and can even set up additional locations to serve customers outside of their primary facilities. Adding other courses, such as ACLS, PALS or NRP, has also never been easier.