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When you have a responsibility for resuscitation quality and patient care, it’s important to understand the full impact that a resuscitation program has on the safety and outcomes of your patients. American Heart Association programs are the Gold Standard for quality and efficacy you can rely on to protect your staff and your patients, and ensure your mission to provide the highest quality of care.

Widely recognized as the leader in resuscitation science and education, the AHA sets the standard for resuscitation quality and cardiac care in the United States. You may not realize this, but the AHA is also the only U.S. organization that is a part of ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) and the source for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Guidelines in North America.

Through AHA programs such as HeartCode® and Resuscitation Quality Improvement®, you can deliver this unparalleled legacy of resuscitation science, technology and educational quality. It’s not just about legacy, though—its about innovation. AHA innovation goes beyond the limits of today’s training programs to transform organizations to resuscitation excellence and save more lives.

Learn how innovative AHA programs have directly impacted hospitals across the country by watching some interviews with our RQI Lifesavers, or read up on how Our Lifesaving Solutions can help transform resuscitation programs and improve CPR at your hospital today.

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