The Importance of Data for Our Healthcare Future


Data, analysis and insights are crucial to improving healthcare outcomes. In resuscitation education, we are transitioning from traditional classroom-based education compliance models to highly evolved platforms that allow us to see and verify learner competence and organizational performance. Using data to measure and improve, we can verify learner competence, clinical performance and drive quality improvement to increase cardiac arrest survival.

Our new partnership between the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines®-Resuscitation and the RQI® program has further strengthened the lifesaving potential of high-quality CPR. Our vision of real-time guidance in both the training environment and in clinical care allows RQI subscribers to:

  • Improve and verify CPR skills competence
  • Assess and gather insights from clinical performance data
  • Help increase patient survival and send more patients home to their families in good health

I am very excited that our collaboration with the American Heart Association is allowing us to more fully support hospitals in becoming a high reliability organization that can benchmark, learn, and improve their resuscitation program to improve resuscitation outcomes. GWTG-R allows participating hospitals to view and review “like” hospitals’ data on a variety of levels for reporting and internal controls alongside RQI’s education platform allows us  to combine education, science, technology and robust data to help save more lives.

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