Three New T-CPR Programs Empower Your Telecommunicators to Save More Lives


T-CPR Education and Training to Meet Any Budget

A program that saves lives should never be a line item that could be cut from a budget. That’s why RQI Partners, a partnership between the American Heart Association (AHA) and Laerdal Medical, has reimagined our RQI Telecommunicator CPR (RQI T-CPR) program to offer more options than ever before.

Now, any emergency communications center (ECC) of any size, anywhere in the U.S. can access outcome-driven, evidence-based telecommunicator CPR training to fit their needs and budget.

The three tiers of the new RQI T-CPR program—Essentials, Challenger, and Responder—give you cost-effective education and tools that enable the first first responders to confidently deliver high-quality CPR that saves lives in your community.


RQI T-CPR is the AHA’s T-CPR program and is based on the nationally recognized AHA Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC), the official resuscitation guidelines used by all other training providers nationwide. It also meets the requirements of NHTSA CPR LifeLinks, as well as any state-mandated T-CPR education.

This is the only T-CPR program that has been vetted by AHA scientists and educators and regularly updated and improved using expert reviews and the latest AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC.

The RQI Telecommunicator CPR program is also recognized by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) as the preferred solution to build and increase competence in rapid recognition of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) and initiation of high-quality telephone CPR instructions. The IAED has participated in a comprehensive review of the RQI T-CPR program, including collaborating in the development of exclusive content for Priority Dispatch users.

Choose the Program That’s Right for Your Organization

To ensure every system has access to the highest quality training possible for the first first responders in a cardiac arrest emergency, your public safety telecommunicators, RQI Partners has expanded its T-CPR programs to offer entry, intermediate, and advanced level training.

The time is now to empower your telecommunications to eliminate preventable death in your community.

The time is now to empower your telecommunications to eliminate preventable death in your community.

RQI Telecommunicator CPR Essentials Program

RQI T-CPR Essentials: The RQI T-CPR course lays the groundwork for T-CPR education, providing telecommunicators with an essential foundation in the science of resuscitation and T-CPR.

This entry-level program focuses on the core competencies necessary for telecommunicators to deliver high-quality care to a patient in cardiac arrest, incorporating recognition protocols for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; and provides information on best practices for relaying cardiopulmonary resuscitation instructions to callers beyond just adult, child, and infant CPR.

This course provides four hours of training time annually and is delivered completely online and while on-duty at a console, which eliminates impacts to staffing and the cost of overtime.

RQI Telecommunicator CPR Essentials Program

Essentials Program:

  • RQI T-CPR Course
  • 4 hours of T-CPR training (annually)
  • Training delivered online
  • AHA T-CPR Certificate of Completion (valid for one year)
  • $55 per learner annually

RQI Telecommunicator CPR Challenger Program

RQI T-CPR Challenger: In this intermediate-level T-CPR training program, telecommunicators start by completing the RQI Telecommunicator CPR course.  They will then be challenged each quarter to demonstrate their ability to recall knowledge learned in this course by completing a series of cognitive assessment activities.

This critical component of the Challenger Program is based on research establishing that, without reviewing and reinforcing learning, our ability to retain information plummets in as few as three to six months. This program fights the “forgetting curve” by providing shorter, more focused learning opportunities. Quarterly cognitive assessment activities identify gaps in knowledge and enable RQI to deliver immediate “booster” training that’s customized for each telecommunicator, ensuring that knowledge gained is not lost.

RQI Telecommunicator CPR Challenger Program

Challenger Program:

  • RQI T-CPR Course
  • Quarterly T-CPR continuing education
  • 6 hours of T-CPR training (every two years)
  • Training delivered online
  • AHA T-CPR Certificate of Completion (valid two years)
  • $75 per learner annually

RQI Telecommunicator CPR Responder Program

RQI T-CPR Responder: The gold standard in T-CPR training, this advanced first responder level training is the most comprehensive T-CPR training program available.

In addition to completing the RQI T-CPR course and quarterly T-CPR continuing education, the responder program delivers quarterly scenario-based simulation skills training to your telecommunicators which are facilitated by RQI Quality Managers. The purpose of this program is to enable telecommunicators to master their T-CPR skills by working through a variety of complex and realistic scenarios in a safe learning environment. This program focuses on reducing time to recognition of cardiac arrest and delivery of high-quality CPR to patients to improve survival outcomes.

Telecommunicators in this program will earn the AHA T-CPR credential, which is the only credential available to public safety telecommunicators that validates and verifies T-CPR competency.

RQI Telecommunicator CPR Responder Program

Responder Program:

  • RQI T-CPR Course
  • Quarterly T-CPR continuing education
  • Quarterly simulation skills training
  • 10 hours of T-CPR training (every two years)
  • Training delivered online
  • AHA T-CPR Credential
  • $175 per learner annually

Ready to get started with T-CPR training? Contact the experts at RQI T-CPR today to talk about the right fit for your organization.

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