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Charles County

Maryland’s Charles County is first in the United States to pilot and adopt resuscitation quality improvement programs to advance prehospital response to cardiac arrest. Learn how RQI helped Charles County improve patient outcomes and increase staff confidence.

“We’re committed to providing the best possible service to our citizens and to those who visit our city, too. Improving cardiac arrest survival is complex. We recently invested in additional training and are implementing a cardiac arrest registry. The missing puzzle pieces became clearer to us after participating in the Resuscitation Academy Cardiac Arrest System Assessment.”
Rhoda Mae Kerr, MPA, CFO, EFO
City of Fort Lauderdale Fire Chief
View Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Case Study
“We’re devoted to our mission of protecting the people of Hilton Head Island and leading by example. We’ve worked hard over the past decade to bring our cardiac arrest survival rate to 50%. Although this is one of the highest survival rates in the nation, we won’t stop there. We know even more people can be saved. The Resuscitation Academy Cardiac Arrest System Assessment helped us identify our next steps on this journey.”
Brad Tadlock
Town of Hilton Head Island Fire Chief
“I’ve visibly noticed our ventilation rates decrease and move into very safe zones over time — and this has occurred without prompting or specific focus. RQI has lowered our ventilation rates, and our muscle memory has shifted.”
David Slattery, MD
EMS Medical Director, City of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue
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See how RQI Pioneer hospitals are transforming their organizations with quality improvement and a culture of excellence!
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The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.