Who We Are

RQI Partners, LLC is a partnership between the American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical. Our company is focused on delivering innovative resuscitation solutions that support our vision to eliminate preventable and unexpected cardiac arrest deaths.

We are passionate about, and dedicated to, helping save lives through programs, products and solutions that are grounded in evidence-based science and educational principles. RQI Partners is committed to continuous learning and a passion for excellence; therefore, we are designing resuscitation quality improvement systems that will dramatically enhance patient outcomes across healthcare systems. We are creating a new standard of care that shifts resuscitation practice from course completion to everyday competence.

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Our Mission

To save 50,000 more lives from cardiac arrest per year by 2025 with verified resuscitation competence.

Through the power of collaboration with healthcare providers across the country, we can change the standard of care to mastery learning with verified competence.

Our Vision

Getting to Zero – Nobody should die from cardiac arrest.

RQI Executive Team

AHA, Laerdal and RQI Partners Executives commemorate the formation of RQI Partners.

Back row (from left): AHA VP and General Counsel Lewis Kinard, RQI Partners COO Brian Eigel, RQI Partners CEO Clive Patrickson, AHA Chief of Mission-Aligned Businesses & Healthcare Solutions John Meiners, AHA COO Suzie Upton, AHA Chief Administrative Officer Larry Cannon, Laerdal Medical COO Alf-Christian Dybdahl. Front row (from left): AHA CEO Nancy Brown, Laerdal Medical Chairman & CEO Tore Laerdal

How Will We Get There? A New Standard of Care

The ability to consistently administer high-quality CPR is critical to improving outcomes because it’s the single biggest determinant of—and the last chance for survival in—a cardiac arrest emergency. Similarly, the delivery of poor-quality CPR is a preventable harm. Despite this knowledge, it’s clear that not all patients are receiving the high-quality CPR they need to survive. The evidence shows us:

  • Cardiac arrest survival rates currently average less than 26%.
  • There is a 42% difference in the odds of survival for patients at similar hospitals with a similar case mix.
  • CPR skills decay within three to six months following conventional training.
  • Despite the efforts of motivated healthcare professionals, patients are receiving poor-quality CPR more than 50% of the time.

Verified CPR competence is the new standard of care. RQI Digital Portfolio can help your organization deliver this new standard to your patients, and does so at a lower cost than the traditional program.

You are dedicated to improving the quality and reliability of the care your staff provides. It’s the driving force in your mission to save lives and improve the health of your community. We understand, because that’s what drives us, too. RQI replaces skills decay with verified competence and saves lives.

RQI 2020 Keynote Highlights Video

RQI Digital Portfolio — Keynote and Healthcare Leadership Engagement Event

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.