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HeartCode® Complete for Prehospital

Join Us in the Pursuit of Zero Lives Lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The American Heart Association’s HeartCode® programs deliver quality resuscitation training through a more flexible delivery method. HeartCode can help prehospital organizations effectively achieve BLS, ACLS and PALS training goals and be confident that course participants are armed with robust, quality training from the leader in resuscitation science, the American Heart Association.

Improved efficiency

  • HeartCode gives administrators and staff more control of their time, schedules and resources
  • Consistent, robust resuscitation training
  • Learners engage in deliberate practice and receive real-time performance feedback with detailed debriefings
  • Learners’ performance is objectively and accurately measured for the each of the components of High-Quality CPR: rate, depth, recoil, proper ventilation and chest compression fraction

Flexible and convenient

  • Learners complete at their own pace, on duty or off – no need to schedule organized classes
  • Socially distanced
  • Both the eLearning and the hands-on skills practice and testing are fully self-guided – no need for large gatherings

Once your organization enrolls in HeartCode Complete, you will have access to a turn-key training solution that will reduce barriers to effective and efficient BLS, ACLS and PALS training.

Step 1

Online Program

Step 2

Skills Session

Step 3

or PALS eCard