Get With The Guidelines®-Resuscitation

The Power of Partnership: AHA’s GWTG-R & RQI

The American Heart Association’s landmark Get With The Guidelines® – Resuscitation (GWTG-R) program and RQI Partners innovative Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI®) mastery CPR learning platform are now teamed together to synthesize insight into cardiac events and the effectiveness and mastery of CPR learning.

By bundling both GWTG-R and RQI, for the first-time, hospital leadership has the data and analytics for comprehensive assessment of code performance, CPR knowledge and skills competence and clinical quality improvement to help prepare clinicians to confidently respond to cardiac arrest events in real time.

The ultimate goal is to save more lives by preventing in-hospital cardiac arrest, maximizing the overall response and treatment when an arrest does occur and optimizing outcomes through benchmarking, quality improvement, knowledge translation, and research.

As a valued customer, GWTG-R enrollment is now available at no additional charge as part of the RQI program.

How it Works

Data Chart IconHospitals enter or upload clinical data to the Patient Management Tool (PMT)
Hospital & Medical Center IconAHA & RQI teams provide data-driven quality improvement plans
Healthcare Service Provider IconData contributes to resuscitaion research
Award Ribbon IconNational award-winning recognition programs

The Power of Data

GWTG-R & RQI Consists of Evidence-Based Resuscitation Science, Mastery CPR Learning Modality, Aggregated High-Quality Clinical Data and Benchmarking with the Largest Cardicac Arrest Data Registry

GWTG-R & RQI are continually improving and innovating through research and technology to create a world where no one dies from sudden cardiac arrest. This is our Pursuit of Zero. Let’s start today.

Webinar: Interim COVID-19 Guidance & Maintaining Resuscitation Quality


Original broadcast date: February 24, 2021: Clinical experts will review the interim guidance to treating individuals with cardiac arrest with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and maintaining resuscitation quality during a global pandemic.

Full webinar presentation (1 hour)

RQI hospital Camden Clark shares its GWTG-R Journey (10min)

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.