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It Takes a System

A collaboration between RQI, An American heart association and Laedral program and Resuscitation Academy

A Programmatic Approach to Support Resuscitation Excellence

RQI programs blend the AHA’s leadership in science and education with Laerdal’s expertise in technology and implementation. RQI Partners is pleased to collaborate with the Resuscitation Academy for their out-of-hospital cardiac arrest subject matter expertise.

Resuscitation Quality Improvement programs provide a high-reliability platform designed to support the latest concepts in resuscitation education science. Our innovative subscription services removes hassles such as equipment acquisition and maintenance. Analytics provide insights and trends about performance. A dedicated Impact Manager works closely with your organization to support ongoing measurement and improvement – that translates to better patient outcomes.

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is a sudden and dramatic medical emergency. 950 people are effected each day.

Without warning, the victim’s heart stops pumping and there is a loss of consciousness. A stopwatch starts at the moment of collapse. Within just 10 minutes, the probability for survival is greatly decreased if resuscitation efforts are not initiated.

Resuscitation Education Science, Subscription Service, Analytics and Impact Management

Sudden cardiac arrest activates the entire EMS system, from community bystanders through hospital care

Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) programs strengthen the entire chain of survival.