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World Restart a Heart Day

October 16

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Let’s work together to create more difference-makers.

What is World Restart a Heart Day?
Last year, instructors, students, hospitals, schools, CPR organizations and more joined forces across the globe to show 206 million people and train 5.4+ million in hands-only CPR as part of World Restart a Heart Day. 

After last year’s great successes, the world is coming together again on October 16  to celebrate World Restart a Heart day, an opportunity to emphasize the importance of bystander CPR & AED use.

And we invite you to be part of this global campaign!

Join Heart & Stroke and our global partners in sharing a crucial message: Anyone can do basic CPR and use an AED, and that if done within the first minutes of a cardiac arrest, it can double someone’s chances of survival.

Here’s how you can be part of this global movement:

  • Read more about the initiative.
  • Use any or all our #WorldRestartAHeart Social Media Toolkit on your social media platforms. Download images or get inspired!
  • Come up with your own way to raise awareness, like a free 15 minute, public Hands-Only CPR class on Facebook Live, Zoom or any other platform!
    • If you host a #WorldRestartAHeart Hands-Only CPR class, make sure to let your RPM know. We will add the numbers to the Canadian total.
  • Mark your calendar for this year & help us create a social movement on October 16!

You can be part of a worldwide mission to increase bystander CPR/AED rates. With your support, we will be difference-makers together!

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