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University of Rochester Medical Center

As the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) experienced rapid growth, the demand for CPR training classes began to stretch its capacity.

Learn how RQI helped URMC improve patient outcomes and increase staff confidence.

RQI programs are used throughout the United States by:

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Small acute care facilities
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“With RQI, you almost become entirely retrained on CPR because now you’re doing it at the right rate and depth — it’s like a whole new ball game.”
Heidi Dixon, RN
Charge Nurse, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Harrison Medical Center
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“I was so impressed by the program and quality improvement it provided to our patients that I added RQI to the list of quality improvement processes that faculty could partake in that would result in a 15% medical malpractice reduction for them.”
Michael J. Apostolakos, MD, FCCP
Chief Medical Officer,
University of Rochester Medical Center
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“It’s the idea that my employees get to touch, see and perform high-quality CPR every three months — regardless of their schedule, when they’re working, or which patients they’re treating. Their ability to maintain mastery and proficiency, for me, is what sells this program.”
Michael Kurz, MD, MS, FACEP, FAHA
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, UAB Hospital
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See how RQI Pioneer hospitals are transforming their organizations with quality improvement and a culture of excellence!
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The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

The time is now to save more lives. Learn how RQI can help.

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