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The Digital Transformation to Safe, Effective, Self-directed Learning


The Veterans Health Administration, in keeping with their mission of High Reliability and their I Care core values, has committed to delivering High Quality CPR to all veterans by implementing the RQI program in its facilities systemwide. ​ The American Heart Association and RQI Partners share this mission to ensure all patients receive the best possible care.

Verified eCredentials

RQI Verified eCredentials are the AHA Gold Standard in resuscitation. With RQI, VHA healthcare staff achieve and sustain verified competence in High-Quality CPR skills by participating in low-dose, high-frequency, simulation-based mastery learning. Successful performance results in RQI eCredentials which confirm staff have demonstrated competence in High-Quality CPR. ​Because RQI is a self-directed education program, it enables staff to continue to maintain verified competence through individual activities that preserve social distancing to protect the health and safety of staff and their patients. This is not like doing a full BLS course every quarter. The skills station session takes only 10 – 15 minutes and the cognitive work can be completed on any device, at any time, usually in under an hour.


The clinical science is clear: CPR skills decay rapidly, requiring quarterly refreshers to maintain competence. With RQI, staff learn on their own schedule, at the point of care. Simulation stations conveniently located throughout the facility make it easy to incorporate brief skills refreshers every 90 days into normal workflow. RQI brings quality BLS and ALS training straight to staff, enhancing patient care instead of interrupting it.  And, RQI is the only program proven to achieve clinical competence in high-quality CPR.​


Why RQI?

RQI supports each VA Healthcare system in improving patient outcomes, increasing patient safety and ensuring all veterans receive the very best chance of survival.

If we believe that competency-based training is the best option for our Veterans, it would seem that we are accepting different levels of care (quarterly vs. biennial training) which is unacceptable.
Clinical Educator – REdI Program Director.

Read how psychiatric nurse saves neighbor’s life using RQI-honed CPR skills


Why Digital Today

American Heart Association Digital Portfolio Statement

Digital learning, the preferred solution of the American Heart Association, provides safe, distanced and self-directed resuscitation education in this unprecedented time. It ensures staff a continuity of education and quality improvement for high-quality CPR.
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Education Resilience

Free-standing skill stations placed throughout the healthcare facility, deliver RQI low-dose, high-frequency digital resuscitation education. Stations provide self-directed, real-time feedback to coach the learner to perfection. This quarterly skills requirement take only 10 – 15 minutes.

Maximizing Resources

The AHA’s RQI portfolio solutions give staff the highest quality education which then drives optimal patient care, cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Let’s Get Started

Start your digital resuscitation education journey with us to maximize lifesaving outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest. For information on joining the Journey to CPR Quality, please contact the RQI Program Director at your facility.

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